DV Survivor

Sherri Jackson

Abuse lasted: 1 year | April 1, 1979 – November 26, 2006 27 years old Warning, this case discusses murder and domestic violence.   Sherri was described as very smart, athletic, loved animals, and loved to dance and that’s why she navigated to cheerleading when she was in high school. Everybody loved Sherri she just

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Abused since childhood Age: Unknown   I was a product of a broken home, meaning my childhood was the direct result of parents who also came from broken situations. My dad was the son of a wandering trucker, and my mom was the illegitimate child of a small-town farmer back in the 1950s. I’m not

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Maria Tapley

A Rebound to a Rude Revelation   Abuse lasted: 4.5 years. Age: 63 I was fresh out of college. My “boyfriend” and I couldn’t quite keep the relationship going in the positive direction. We had tried to get things right since high school, but to no avail. The final interchange between us left me weeping

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Aja Anderson

Abused for 2 years Age: 41   Before coming out of my situation, I thought that domestic violence was only physical abuse. Now, I have a better understanding that the physical manifestation is simply evidence of emotional and psychological abuse. Domestic violence includes so many things like manipulation and threats, which are used to control

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