Kerra Shawniece Hauser


22 years-old | March 28, 1999 – June 25, 2021
Abuse lasted: 2-4 years.


When all you can do is just remember the good times.

Meet Kerra Hauser, born on March 28th. 1999 in East Bend, NC. She loved to love, and because of that she was loved by many people. Unfortunately, the person she chose to love her hadn’t learned how to properly love her the way she deserved to be loved. It brought tears to my eyes as I thought about the saying, “The good die young.”

It’s not hard to see that Kerra was a sweet, gentle soul who cherished the simple things in life. Things you can’t put a price tag on. Things that many often overlook. Making others laugh, a long drive taking the scenic route, chocolate, animals, specifically elephants.

Domestic Violence took her away from this earth way too soon. The pain from her loss may never go away, but I’ve found that the best way to honor the memory of a loved one is by remembering the good things. You honor Kerra by never forgetting those good things about her that make you smile. You honor her by not holding a grudge against yourself, thinking what you could have done differently or what you could have done to prevent her life from being taken. Forgive yourself.

Evil, anger and the wrath of a sick individual took her life, but resound in your heart today that you will not allow anger and unforgiveness to rob her beautiful memory from you.

On Friday June 25th. 2021 God called her home because he knew she had endured enough pain and couldn’t take anymore. An argument broke out between her and her boyfriend who was also the father of her 2 year-old daughter Kari’onna that she loved to then end of this earth. While the Kerra’s mother was home right before she went to the store for her daughter. She went and rushed back because she felt like something was going to happen. Mothers have the intuition and they’re usually right. When she returned back to the house she said her daughter ran out to the car and said “Mama get him out of the house I’m done with him” as if he had physically assaulted her while the mother was gone. When Monti came outside he said so you’re leaving me now? And he fired one shot as Kerra was headed to the car to go to work and the bullet hit her in the shoulder. He then fired another shot that struck her in the face. Mother Kerry remembers getting in front of the gun begging him to stop, he’s done enough. He then moved closer and fired 4 more shots and hit her in a vital area on her body. She was still able to back out of driveway, call police and make report and drive for about 1/2 mile before she took her last breath. By the time she left Monti took his daughter from Mother Kerry and sat her on the ground and put the gun to his child’s head, but Mother Kerry said you’ll have to kill me first. He then said I’ll handle this and be shot himself in the head and it was all over in less than 5 mins but the pain will last forever. Every time Mother Kerry comes out the house all she can remember is that horrible day.

Kerra had been going through domestic violence throughout the relationship. It was more mental and emotional but at times it would get physical but hidden from the mother. She would mention the abuse to her friends as a way of calling out for help, but none came to her rescue they remained silent and this is the end result of keeping quiet. The mother found out a lot after Kerra died that he would always make statements of him saying he would kill himself. People who knew him said he would talk like that when he was under the influence of cocaine. He also told his cousin earlier that week he was going to kill Kerra the following week, but her never said a word. Had he at least said something Kerra might’ve been alive today. In addition, Monti had a son by another woman before him and Kerra started dating and that woman and Kerra had spoke before, but she never shared how dangerous Monti was and how she had to move away from North Carolina because he tried to kill her. Again, had she broke the silence and told Kerra, maybe she would be here today. #Breakthesilence

Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verses 1 and 4 says (1) “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:’ (4) A time to weep, And a time to laugh; A time to mourn, And a time to dance;”

Mourning and weeping is natural, but don’t forget that it has a time limit. You need to get back to laughing, dancing and enjoying life. I’m sure that the beautiful spirit that is Kerra, would want you to do those things and be happy. She would want you to travel to places and experience things she didn’t get to. Love her mother, like she would have. Love her child like she would have. Love each other like she loved you all. In doing that, Kerra lives on as long you live.

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