Blasting away odors: A Guaranteed Explosive Clean.

Our laundry products are highly concentrated, high performance, tough on dirt, gentle on skin and good for your pocket.

Custom Formulations
No-Toxic Chemicals
Custom Formulations
No-Toxic Chemicals

Fundraising to build Domestic Violence Shelter for Victims.

Laundry detergent is an essential household product that is used around the world everyday. That's why we decided to use this product for our fundraising initiative to build a shelter for Domestic Violence victims.

Dell Mitchell
Dynamite Laundry Solutions Co-Founder


Better quality ingredients.


We believe in 100% transparency.


Make meaningful change and give back.

The Dynamite Laundry Difference

Dynamite LAUNDRY



Bold, refreshing scents but light essential oil based scents are also available.

Overpowering or harsh aroma.


Primarily plant-based derived. Definitely toxin-free.

Harsh chemicals, dyes or unnecessary fillers.


Pump is included and also measuring cups are available.

Overpriced and will use more plastic bottles over time.

How much detergent do you need?

# of people in household


No. of 5 gallon containers per year No. of 5 gallon containers per year


Plastic containers
saved per year
Plastic containers
saved per year


Cost as low as Cost as low as


Plastic containers
saved in LIFETIME
Plastic containers
saved in LIFETIME


1. How do I use the Detergent?

Just like any other detergent except ours is more concentrated which means you’ll use less than your conventional laundry detergent. Place your clothes into your washing machine and simply add 1/2 - 1 oz of detergent to the load.

2. What temperature should I use when washing?

Our laundry detergent will work effectively in either cold, warm or hot water settings.

3. How long will a 5 gallon container last?

Great question! It all depends on how many loads you wash per week. On the average, 1 person won’t go through a container in a year.

4. Is Dynamite laundry detergent safe to wash silk, wool, cotton, or any other delicate garment?

Our laundry detergent is safe to use on all types of fabrics and safe to use in all laundry machines. However, just like any new product, it’s good to do a test load to be sure.

5. Are there additional savings for active military or veterans?

First we would like to say thank you for your service and keeping USA citizens safe. Even though are prices are extremely competitive, we do offer an additional 10% military discount.

6. How do we purchase the products?

We wanted to make the process as easy as possible. Unfortunately right now we don’t have a shipping option in place for people outside of Madison County, Alabama but we’re currently setting up pickup locations in other places. If you live in Madison County we provide delivery and setup for only $4.95.

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