Visible Hope has programs in place that pay all or a portion of the utility bills for people whose utilities have been or are at risk of being shut off. The assistance is usually available once per calendar year (or heating season) depending on the situation. We have a right to deny payment based on investigations of your account. If you have used this service already this calendar year you will not be eligible until the next calendar year. Utility bill payment assistance programs may have age, income, disability, need or other eligibility requirements.

People seeking assistance need to take a picture of the following: Social Security cards for all members who are living in their household, Drivers License or State ID, proof of income, copy of bills they need assistance with. If renting, please provide a copy of the current lease. Name of the account holder, address where service is activated, date of birth, social security number, utility bill account number, due date, amount due, and any password on the account must also be provided.

This service has been discontinued until further notice.

For pictures and screenshots send them to visiblehope.org@icloud.com be sure to put utility bill assistance in the subject area.