Mission is in the very fabric of our DNA! We aren’t meant to be a cul-de-sac of God’s blessing and Gospel message, we are to be conduits, personally, locally and globally! When we set our eyes and hearts on the harvest, sky’s the limit to what God can do through us, and where God will send us!

Why We Serve

God calls us to serve Him by serving one another. We are each uniquely created and shaped by God for that purpose. Part of belonging to a family like Visible Hope is learning to joyfully serve by helping each other grow in faith, supporting each other in our daily lives and meeting each others needs, and guiding people to lives of Gospel transformation. This is just another way to get involved serving with Visible Hope.

Upcoming Opportunities to Serve:


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September 2-30, 2018 | $1000.00 per person

In Kenya, we will partner with the staff of Light of the World—a Bible-based church fellowship that provides spiritual care and counseling ministries to all who are hurting. They also surround their programs around the uplift of children by building schools for children that’s less fortunate and cannot afford to attend school. We will serve with this group as well as visit local orphanages and pray for children plagued with HIV/AIDS, teach the word of God to the people in the villages, teach children in various communities, host a Visible Hope feeding program for children and adults and many more activities while there. This trip will be very enlightening and sad at the same time but we will allow God to use us in the best way to fit his purpose.


Take a look at the many different programs we have available and see if there is one or two you are passionate about. Estimate how much time you are willing to spend, and send us a message so you can get involved. Our email address is: visiblehope.org@icloud.com