Here at Visible Hope in Huntsville, Alabama we have our own hippocratic oath: Serve food you’d find at a restaurant or at your family table. We serve 500+ meals a month for our homeless and anyone that comes to us hungry. We serve everything from Salisbury steaks to Bar-b-que Chicken with two healthy side dishes, roll, dessert and beverage. We’re averaging about $1.10 a meal/person.

“Just because you don’t have access to food doesn’t mean you don’t have a sophisticated palate,”. We do our best to serve low-cost, healthy, nutritious meals @ Visible Hope. 

Local shelters

While the supply of meals doesn’t seem to be a problem, the quality of food varies in shelters around the United States. Sometimes the food may not be nutritious enough, particularly for people with health concerns. They’re given two choices: eat or leave hungry. We see homeless people who are struggling with these health problems, often chronic conditions that have gone untreated. “There’s a lot of people with diabetes, a lot of people with hypertension,”  and “Obesity is very prevalent.” One homeless person told us when we came out to serve food that a local organization right across the street where we were setup, was serving people food that a hog wouldn’t eat. He said look over there and see for yourself. We did and people were leaving out of that organization throwing the food away and headed to our feeding site. This is one of many stories we hear on a regular basis and everybody can’t be telling untrue stories. But when that all you have to eat, what do you do? 

To help people manage those diseases, shelters should serve people more produce and less carbohydrates and sweets. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are more expensive, and harder to come by but with the funding these organizations are receiving locally from the City of Huntsville and private donors that contributes plentiful they can give better; but they choose not to.

Visible Hope is committed to serving hot, nutritious and healthy meals choices to the people and refuse to serve anything less than the foods that we eat at our dinner table.



Take a look at the many different programs we have available and see if there is one or two you are passionate about. Estimate how much time you are willing to spend, and send us a message so you can get involved. Our email address is: