20/20 KIDS


Visible Hope’s mission is to provide FREE prescription eyeglasses to all kids who lack access to vision care. With you on our side, victory is in sight. We’re committed to eradicating the vision care crisis in the lives of those that are less fortunate. Because clear sight does so much more than help them see clearer. It helps them perform better in school, connect more deeply with one another and just be able to enjoy life and see the world that our creator has made.

Children discover new things every day. With our signature lenses you can be sure your child will get the best possible vision. According to statistics, roughly every fifth child needs a pair of eyeglasses. Today, children’s eyeglasses not only correct poor eyesight, but are also really stylish. Teasing and nasty comments are a thing of the past. The children can also choose the eyeglasses themselves. 

Why not wait to get the eyeglasses until the child is a bit older?

Learning to see is like learning to walk, it happens automatically. But vision can only fully develop if there is a sharp image on the retina. If defective vision is corrected early on by eyeglasses, lifelong vision impairments that are no longer reversible can be avoided or reduced.

So that your child achieves the best possible visual performance, not only is a lightweight eyeglass frame important, but also lightweight lenses that have been individually adapted to the impaired vision of your child.

Getting New Glasses:

Approximately 3 weeks following the submission of the prescription, Visible Hope will contact the parents of the child and setup a time to come by deliver their new eyeglasses. Instructions on how to care for them such as cleaning of their lenses will be included in the box.