Huntsville organization feeds the hungry every month


One local organization brings hope to a community where it isn’t always visible.

The saying goes “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” Visible Hope did that and more on Sunday.

“Just seeing people happy off of a meal means a lot to me,” Dell Mitchell, founder of Visible Hope, said.

They fed the homeless and those less fortunate at two location across Huntsville.

“There’s nothing shabby about our meals at all. We have Salisbury steak, barbecue chicken, lasagna, meatloaf — things that you would get out of a restaurant, you get here,” Mitchell proclaimed.

The program runs twice a month.

Tori Perry’s family has participated for years. Their work is a passion project. Every piece of food, every supply, the cooking, the outreach, is all paid for and put together by them.

“That first month was hard because I didn’t know where the funds were going to come from. Everything, since day one, since 2010 I’ve done out of my pockets. Whether it costs $100 or $300 then, I’ve always taken it out of my personal income to do what I do,” Mitchell said.

Their work goes well beyond these dinner plates. They also provide personal hygiene products, food boxes at request and offer a mentorship program to help people find a job or a place to live.

One man says with the resources they provide he was getting himself where he needed to be. He says he has an interview coming up. His goal is to move into his own place soon.

Amy Minniefiled is just one of the many people they help. She spent nearly a decade locked up. Finding her pace in life, she says because of their efforts she now has Visible Hope that things will turn around for her.

We asked her where she expects to see herself five years from now. “Five years from now, back up on my feet…in my own house, in my own vehicle, eating my own food and cooking on the stove,” Minniefield added.

To help them with their monthly costs, head over to their website.

This summer, they plan to expand internationally. The entire team is travelling to Kenya, Africa to develop a satellite branch. It will be a one month mission trip.

See the video HERE

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